Proven Technology

In 1995, MegaWall Corp. of Las Vegas created the world’s first giant hollow masonry block wall building system. These standard blocks were produced in 40-feet lengths by 32-inch heights.

MegaWall successfully shipped and built over 800,000 feet of concrete masonry walls, which were used in retail buildings, casinos and commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, sound walls, school gymnasiums, churches, and many other types of buildings throughout Nevada and California.

Builders loved the speed to build walls and the very labor-efficient building process.

MegaWall ceased operation in 2001 due to its high production costs and low annual output.

SpeedBlock took the next technology step and developed automated manufacturing systems that have reduced costs. SpeedBlock also refined the design of the hollow concrete masonry blocks’ maximum length, cross web spacing, and face shell thickness to create lighter weight blocks that allow for more SqFt per truckload, smaller installation cranes and faster build times.

The photos shown on this page are of buildings constructed using products manufactured by MegaWall Corp of Las Vegas not SpeedBlock.