What is SpeedBlock

SpeedBlock is a new, fast and effective concrete wall building system. It is probably the fastest concrete wall building system in the world.

SpeedBlock is a turnkey solution which works with existing construction drawings, providing SpeedBlock Shop drawings as needed for your project. Our numbered giant block are delivered to your job site in the sequence you require, to minimize the construction time. There is a significant increase in productivity with less labor, and no waste.

SpeedBlock concrete wall building system can reduce labor to build concrete walls by as much as 80% and wall construction time by as much as 80% when compared to traditional concrete wall construction methods.

  • SpeedBlock complies to standard CMU ASTM C 90 specifications and is “ICC ES Building Code Approved”. Walls are built using standard concrete masonry components – mortar, reinforcing steel, and concrete grout. This allows for seamless integration into the concrete masonry block industry and facilitates easy adoption by owners, engineers, and builders.
  • SpeedBlocks are giant, high-strength hollow concrete masonry blocks (CMU) that are factory produced in standard nominal 32-inch heights by 24-feet lengths.
  • SpeedBlock will prepare job-specific shop installation plans showing where each block is located.
  • SpeedBlocks are cut to job-specific lengths and heights as required to create openings and corners.
  • SpeedBlock are delivered to the jobsite in 40-feet flatbed trucks in their proper sequence and installed with our installation hardware. Walls are braced with standard temporary construction wall braces.
  • SpeedBlock utilizes easy-to-build giant stackable hollow core masonry blocks that allow walls to be built quickly and efficiently with small mobile cranes and man-lifts.
Industry Compliance
  • SpeedBlock is positioned to take a significant market share of the CMU, CIP, CTU and Precast wall building systems.

What We Do

SpeedBlock has developed an exciting new way to build concrete walls fast – very fast. In fact we believe that it is likely the fastest concrete wall building system in the world.

SpeedBlock’s goals are to enable users to build walls faster, stronger and work with less labor than any other system, and in any weather conditions.

SpeedBlock is currently looking for Licensees across USA and Canada to lease production facilities and supply this exciting new concrete wall building system to contractors.

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